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Popular Weight Loss Myths

Posted on Apr 2, 2015 by in General ramblings, Kels Journey | 0 comments

Here are a few popular weight loss myths that just don’t seem to die

Lifting weights will make me bulky!

Most women believe engaging in a strength training program will result in a bulky masculine figure. In reality, countless studies and real world evidence proves the opposite. Women who do resistance training are stronger, leaner and healthier than women who do not. Don’t be afraid of looking like a bodybuilder, women simply don’t possess the hormones and testosterone necessary to build big muscles like men do.

Do I look bulky? I train weights..heavy…twice a week and have done for nearly 2 years… 15 mins twice a week in the gym is all I spend…



Spot Reducing Fat Works

The spot reducing myth is an old one. Your body cannot spot reduce fat in specific locations. If you have flabby arms or a big stomach, doing thousands of bicep curls and thousands of crunches won’t help. No amount of targeted exercise will change this fact. Focus on proper
nutrition and strength training with move that work the largest amount of muscle possible.

Cardio Is All a Woman Needs To Lose Weight

The truth is women should be lifting weights. Resistance training has been proven time and time again to increase performance and burn more fat. Combining strength training and interval training with a proper nutrition plan

is the ticket to faster sustainable weight loss.

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