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My goals for 2015

Posted on Jan 1, 2015 by in Featured, General ramblings, Kels Journey | 0 comments

1st January is the day we all make new years resolutions. Most of which fail before the month is out. 

I prefer to set goals and targets for myself. Being realistic to what I would like to achieve. 

I failed some last year but excelled in other areas. 

I was challenged to get my body weight down to 155 by the end of November. That didn’t happen. Mainly because of illness & medication. But no real excuse. 

I had a really rubbish end to the year. November and December months were awful. But I did get my body weight down to 165llbs… I think I started the year out on something like 174lbs

Not a lot of body fat lost on the scales, but I did have a lot of off the scale victory (is what I call it) 

My dress size dropped down from a 14 to a nice 12, and I’m starting to get even more definition in my muscles. My legs are really defined and I’m told that my back muscles are starting to come through. So all in all it’s been a good year in terms of progress.

This year I really want to ramp it up and get my body weight down by another 20lbs. Which will make a massive difference to how I look and I will finally (hopefully) start seeing the results of my hard work in the gym. 

How will I do this?

Mainly counting my calories, watching my portions & cooking from scratch. 


What are you goals?


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