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When life gets you in a spin

Posted on Oct 12, 2015 by in Kels Journey | 0 comments

Imagine this.

Life is going great, you’re healthier and fitter than you have ever been in your entire life. 

Your diet is fab, you’re losing weight, you’re heading to the gym and pushing your personal bests. Your life is great and you’re feeling ‘YES, I’m finally happy’

Then one day, you wake up and it all changes…..

Sounds like a movie huh?

Nope, it’s just life. My life!

I built my Facebook page and my website to help me stay motivated in my journey or weightloss and to share my tips on eating healthy. I was losing weight (and had lost a lot of weight) why not share my success with others? I know how blooming though it can be when you’re doing alone. 


The Beginning – November 2014

One day I woke up feeling really dizzy. Not the getting up quick kinda dizzy, but I’ve just drunk a bottle of vodka kind of dizzy.

Dr’s couldn’t work out what was wrong, apart from the ‘oh it must be a virus’. I was picking up the kiddies from school feeling so self conscious that the other mums would be talking about me, saying I was drunk. Because that’s how I felt.. stumbling, tripping, can’t even look at anyone straight.

Eventually I was diagnosed with vertigo, which I was told would go away once the virus had gone. 

Guess what, it didn’t…..


So, since November last year (almost a year on), I’ve faced daily struggles of vertigo, extreme fatigue. Yep, I’d take the kiddies to school, and sleep all day until I pick them up again. I had zero energy, the house wasn’t being tidies, the washing wasn’t done, and I hubby was holding down a full time continental shift pattern and looking after us all. 

Depression reared it’s ugly head again! 

I had some tears done via the NHS and was told I had vestibular imbalance which was triggered by the vertigo back last year, it had apparently damaged my inner ear resulting in the off balance.

But, doesn’t matter than I’m sleeping all day, that I’m rarely existing. I’m told I have to live with it… what a joke!

Anyway, enough moaning. I’ve since seen another consultant who specialises in inner ear issues and have been diagnosed with something called Meniere’s Disease.

Something I now have to live with for life. Luckily there’s medication that I am taking to control the symptoms.

What are my symptoms?

  • Vertigo
  • Fatigue
  • Sickness, including motion and travel sickness
  • Weight gain (for me)
  • Inability to enter the supermarket because the lights trigger my vertigo

and loads of other stupid little things that grip my day

Why am I sharing this?

I want to share this with you because it’s actually quite a rare (but I believe common) illness. As a result of this I’ve gained quite a few pounds. Well not because of the actual illness, but because of the symptoms. 

So here I am, telling you all… 

I’m trying to get back into the weight loss zone, and documenting my journey once more.

If you’re suffering with an illness, DO NOT suffer in silence. 

We’re human, and the chances are, someone else will also be suffering something similar.

We can’t all be perfect all of the time.


Lots of hugs 

Kels x

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