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Depression is a bitch…getting over it

Posted on Feb 12, 2016 by in General ramblings, Kels Journey | 0 comments

I’m the happiest I’ve been in my adult life. Full of life, full of confidence and finally starting to fall in love with my body.


I started my yummy mummy page to inspire myself and to motivate other mums and women who are striggling to come to terms with life and failing to conform with how your body should look.


That was 18 months ago.


October 2014 I woke up one day with the worst vertigo ever. Not that I’ve ever had it before of course, I just knew it wasn’t normal and knew it wasn’t the ‘getting up too quickly’ type of Dizzy.  


Several a&e visits later after collapsing during the night, hospital appointments and numerous tests, I was diagnosed with menieres disease. It’s not something that will ever go away, I have to live with it. Or learn to live with it at least. I’m not going to bore you with the details, but it meant that I pretty much slept for a whole month, and this is where my weight started to creep on. I had to ditch the gym and my life just came to an abrupt stop. I lost clients,  social life, friends..


I did gain an enemy though…the ever delightful depression.  Not!


Now I’m not sure if it came as a result of my menieres or if it was just a coincidence but it came and it hit me right across the chops with a wet fish.


I slept all the time, couldn’t stand getting out of bed, my house was a tip because I’d lost all interest in cleaning, cooking.  Well I’d lost interest in everything really. Including myself.


Everything was falling apart and I didn’t know why. I guess that’s the thing with depression,  it hits anyone and there’s no telling when.


Anyway,  roll forward to today. Over Christmas I thought,  you know what… I’m on the verge if losing everything including my marriage. I really needed to do something about it.


I made the effort to come off my prescribed medication (prozac) and try and rescue whatever I had left.


Yes, I’ve gained a fair bit of weight, but actually I’ve gained a lot more. My life!  


So I’m back, I’m going to be posting more recipes and updates… not to inspire anyone else but myself.


Watch this space…  


Guess we’re all human eh?  Xxxx

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