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Hi there and thanks for taking time to come along to my site. I really want to help other mums out there who is going through what I have been through.KC2

What is that then?

Well let me tell you a bit about me. I’m Kelly and I’m 34. I moved to the North East (UK) back in 2002 to live with my now husband. Being UBER independent I left all my family, worldly possessions and very good job back in the South Wales Valleys and just toddled up in my little Vauxhall Corsa to begin a new life.

Three years later I had my first gorgeous boy (below on the left).

You know, the picture of having a baby is glossy. I had a subscription to mother and baby, and went to all my ante natal classes. But they fail to tell you about the bad things that could happen, and as a result you’re not prepared of the doom and gloom to follow.

Hello rubbish labour, hello disastrous recovery and hello post natal depression. I got through  it and two years later decided to do it again, because it couldn’t be as bad as the first time right?

Yeah well got that wrong!

Another birth ten times worse and post natal depression that went on for a number of years following some family deaths.



So that was the beginning of my fat issues, I piled on the pounds!

I won’t bore you with the rest, my blog posts will tell you all that… but I’m here now to share my journey with you.

My recipes, before and after pics, my own battle with current weight loss and my fitness programme..

I hope you enjoy being part of my journey and that you can share the journey or self discovery with me

Lots of love me x

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