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9 Top food swaps for fewer calories

Posted on Jan 25, 2015 by in Featured, General ramblings | 0 comments

Top swaps. You can cut calories by making food swaps – and that doesn’t have to mean switching to diet brands. Try these tasty suggestions:

  • Beef mince (238 calories per pan friend 100g) TO turkey mince (140 calories per pan fried 100g)
  • 25g packet crisps (around 130 calories) TO 2x flavoured rice cakes (around 75 calories)
  • Grilled salmon fillet (238 calories) TO Oven baked cod fillet (118 calories)
  • Bolognaise sauce (180 calories per portion) TO Mediterranean vegetable sauce (61 calories per portion)
  • Cheddar (412 calories per 100g portion) TO Edam (316 calories per 100g portion)
  • Beefburger (271 calories per grilled burget) TO Venison burger 134 calories per grilled burger)

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